Sunday, 19 July 2015

Demo photos

Here's what the main demo for Dublin Maker looks like:

I'm *really* happy with how it looks. The piece of memory is not fixed to the board, because I'm still hoping I'll get another piece made in time and I want to be able to swap it into the reading equipment. The second piece of memory will be modifiable by visitors, so they can encode a message and then see it printed to the display.

These are large wooden mockups of Core Rope Memory that illustrate the difference my Pretty Bits encoding makes. They both encode the same phrase "One small step", but the top one is 7-bit ASCII, while the lower one is Pretty Bits. I think it really shows the value of a custom encoding. It also pointed out to me that capital 'O' is currently encoded as all zeroes, which I think I'll fix in a future version.

Next step, a little more hot-gluing to make modifiable wooden mockups for visitors to try, and then hopefully the functional modifiable memory.

I also have to prepare my 5 minute talk for the day. Thanks to Róisín for the title "One small step and a bit".


  1. Really enjoyed learning about this today

  2. Thanks so much! I had a brilliant time at the stand. :)