Friday, 15 May 2015

Sewing Utility Belt

I threw this together in a hurry, so their are no clean edges, and no progress shots.

I'll be helping Róisín at the dress rehearsal for The Merry Widow tomorrow. After helping out with the fitting on Tuesday I now have a reasonable idea of what I'll want to hand, and just how close I'll want it. Since I couldn't get my hands on the costumes that were plaguing my thoughts I decided to do something that felt like preparation.

The fabric was originally bought for curtains, but then I decided it was too orange, so it's been sitting around in my stash. It's thick enough to feel sturdy though, which makes it perfect for this project. I cut about a quarter metre the full width of the fabric, and then cut that in 3.  I turned down the tops of the front two layers and then sewed them together to make pockets (two snug, and two roomy).

I found an old strap from a backpack in my stash which was perfect for a belt -- nice and broad, and the clip only required slight modification to clip easily around me. I made a channel for it with a cut off from one of the pocket layers. It was the perfect length without modification, and already had the mechanism for lengthening/shortening. Score! 

It even perfectly fits the belt loop of my leatherman case! I felt the lack of a pen-knife on Tuesday evening, so it'll be nice having that on my hip.

A little spare fabric in a loop holds my scissors upright and out of the way, but still safely in a pocket. 

This was a lot of fun to make. It's nice to have a quick project work out so well. It was also kind of fun to just rush through it without caring too much about neatness.

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