Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Soldering: not so scary afterall

I'm planning to present a demo of Core Rope Memory at this year's Dublin Maker but there are some skills I need to develop before I can start working directly on that demo. Number 1 on that list is soldering.

I've always found soldering pretty intimidating, which is why I've never tried it before. Turns out it's not that hard! Just over a week ago I put together a silly flashing heart on my first try:

And then the eldest decided she wanted in on the action:

We twisted some copper wires together to give her an easier target than a tiny component, but I think she'll be ready for something more difficult very soon.

There will be two of these in the post as soon as they're back in stock :)

The main reason I wanted to learn to solder, was to put together this puppy:

Which I have now done!

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