Friday, 15 August 2014

Lwaxana's hair

I have short hair, as I'm sure Majel Barrett had when she first swanned onto the enterprise. Lwaxana, however, has a beautifully arranged wig.

I found a hair piece I could justify the cost of, that was a pretty reasonable approximation of my own hair colour. Having spent a couple of hours arranging it and sewing on a trim, I realised I had split it to the wrong side :(

But you know what? It will do.

I'm actually very please with the effect. It's not exactly the same styling, but I think it captures the spirit of the 'do.

The colour, as I said, was a pretty close match, but when I put it on it looked very "wiggy". I've dyed my hair to more closely match and it's wigging me out a bit (see what I did there?). No-one, not even me, would look at me and think I'd changed my hair colour, but when I put the wig on it looks *much* better. Weird!

You'll have to wait till the costume is done to see it on me though.

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