Friday, 15 August 2014

Daughter of the fifth house, holder of the sacred chalice of Rixx, heir to the five rings of Betazed!

I have decided to cosplay as Lwaxana Troi for Shamrokon. I am very excited, because I have never been to a con before, and while I have wanted to cosplay since I first heard it was a thing, I've never had a real opportunity before.

I was originally thinking of going as Nausicaa (from the Studio Ghibli film), but I wasn't super comfortable dressing as a young girl. I'll save the notes and fabric I had gathered for that costume for an actual little girl.

I briefly considered a Star Trek uniform but then I realised Lwaxana would be much more fun. She's a brilliant character full of life and flaws and complexity. And her clothes are amazingly bonkers.

I decided to go with her first appearance in Star Trek: The Next Generation. A first season episode called Haven (see also the hilarious summary at Fashion It So) . It has a ludicrous plot, and Lwaxana completely steals the show.

I chose the outfit she arrives in, because the one she changes into is a bit less interesting, and the back is completely open, which looks like it might get cold.

I found this pattern (which to be I honest, I kind of suspect was actually cogged from Lwaxana here. Check out the belt and shoulder gaps on the long blue one, and compare to the two screenshots below). It's been useful for inspiration, but I have a little bit of buyer's regret because I've had to alter it so much. It's also forced me to do a mockup of the dress, which goes against my lazy-ass-maker principles.

Making a full costume like this is an expensive business, even though I've made the jacket from a dyed piece of a second hand curtain, and the dress is made of tablecloths. Fake hair, contact lenses, rope for that wonderfully off-the-wall trim. It adds up. I was seriously tempted to buy a suitcase that was a bit like this one, but I have no Mr Homn to carry it, and Lwaxana would never carry her own suitcase.

Screenshots are from the fabulous (except the one of her back, which isn't on trekcore and I had to get from a youtube video).

Stay tuned for photos of the costume.

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