Friday, 11 July 2014

Circle skirt and Etsy shop

I have finally opened my Etsy shop. There are only two items there right now, and the photos are terrible*, but it's a start. The first item I added is a custom wedding fascinator, and the second is a circle skirt.

The skirt was originally supposed to be for me, but I forgot to make an adjustment and ended up with a skirt about 4" too wide. I hope someone gets to enjoy it, it really is a lovely skirt.

It's up for sale here on Etsy. The pocket is made from one of the semi-circles I cut out at the waist, which pleased me no-end. I was going to use the button as the waist closure, but I didn't think it would work well in the long term so I decided to add it to the pocket for interest.

The main fabric is quite heavy (I'm going to do some experimentation later tonight to see if I can identify its composition) so I didn't want to hem it and ruin the flow of the skirt; instead I made bias-binding from a sheet I've been saving for its wonderful colour.

* my daughter tells me the photos are not terrible, so let's just say they leave a lot of room for improvement.

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