Sunday, 23 March 2014

Sneak peek: crochet amaryllis (flat)

This is a sneak peek at a project I'm working on. I'm very happy with this crochet pattern I came up with for an amaryllis flower, so I want to share it now. I've never tried writing a crochet pattern down before, so please let me know if anything's unclear.

ch 4 and join with a sl st in a ring
sc 9 around ring
ch 15, join with 3rd stitch on ring 3 times (making frame for front 3 petals)
finish each petal:
      sc 12 around ch of petal frame
      ch 1, dc around petal frame, ch 1 (making petal point)
      sc 12 around ch of petal frame
sl st your way to the centre ring, in the middle of the 1st petal
make another 3 petals as above