Thursday, 4 April 2013

Top-tip: thread storage

I wanted to come up with a better storage solution for my thread spools (better than in a big pile, that is), so naturally I went to IKEA. I just had a feeling I might find something there I could re-purpose. Check this out:

I'll give you a chance to guess what it's supposed to be, and just leave this link here.

As you might be able to see, the red and blue threads at the top of the image don't actually slide all the way down the "spikes". I've been wracking my brains trying to figure out ways of paring them to fit the narrower spools on. I'm thinking there might be a way to mod a pencil parer, but I'm open to suggestions.

Other than that I'm really pleased with these things as a solution. They also come with a free scissors basket:

I have a magnetic knife rack that I'll be installing soon as a new home for my scissors collection, and then I'll have to find some other use for the basket. I doubt that will be a problem though :)

When I get around to hanging the magnet I'll also hang a couple of hooks for the spool racks. The Happy Room also gets used for sawing and drilling occasionally, so I'll have to come up with some kind of dust cover for the spool-racks.

There's always more to do!

Dungarees, maps and pirate-treasure

Forgive me, vast audience, for I have sinned. It has been four months since my last blog post. I have been a busy bee for the last few months with non-craft things, and have only been getting little bits done in my Happy Room.

I finished the dungarees, but the top is too small. Note to self: measure, and do a mock-up. (Yeah right. That's a pair of lessons I never learn).

They're reversible, and I really like the simple appliqué, so I'll definitely put some effort into salvaging them.

I made a Map to go with Backpack for each of the kids for Christmas. I'm glad I did it, but they haven't taken as much notice of it as I'd like. There's no accounting for kids :) I considered a few options, and in the end I decided to get a local t-shirt printing place to print my drawings. I did four different maps, then sewed them together with a padding between. Lining them up was a pain in the face, but I got it in the end.

 (Yes, that's a Pathfinder rulebook and a pile of dice in the background).

I'm working on a new project that may end up being epic. It starts with a ship's steering wheel for my kids' bedroom wall, and hopefully ends in an epic treasure hunt. I'd love to hear any suggestions for what they should find in the treasure chest at the end.

I'm about to make some changes to my hosting setup, hopefully you won't notice a thing, but I know how many of you are waiting with baited breath for my every update (*cough*) so I wanted to give you a heads-up.