Sunday, 18 November 2012

Design course: prototypes

I've just submitted my assignments for this week (a whole 6 hours before the deadline!). We had to prototype three of the concepts from last week.

(I'm experimenting with watermarks here. Please let me know if you have any tips.)

Prototype 1: the costume (I just realised I already blogged about this! Well here are some better photos, and here's to more sleep tonight :) )

Prototype 2: The Appa plushie. I decided to just prototype the embroidery, so here's a first draft face and horn.

Prototype 3: Rocking horse. I cut up a pillowcase, drew on it, and hung it on a (borrowed) rocking horse. Oh, and I added a part of a Tripp Trapp high chair that has always looked much too useful to throw out, representing horns. Lazy? Perhaps. Sufficient? I hope so :)

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